Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Gint-a-Cuffs II: Box Topper + Packs 1-3 (First Hit)

Although it's hardly worth scoring my break after Beardy's momentus pulls, to maintain the integrity of this contest, I must press on. This is my first crack at Gint-a-Cuffs so please excuse any scoring mistakes--it's not like they will really effect anything though. Well, let's get started with the box topper and first three packs:

Box Topper: Great Engineering Achievements "Hoover Dam" (+8)

I only hope this isn't a sign that the box will suck...

Pack 1 (+11):
Avery Jenkins
Rickie Weeks
David DeJesus
Jim Thome
Jake Peavy Mini A & G Back (+2)
Aramis Ramirez Framed Bat Relic (+8)
Kosuke Fukudome This Day in History (+1)

Pack 2 (+4):
Anthony Gatto
Ian Desmond RC
Andrew McCutchen
Jorge Cantu
Nick Swisher (-1)
Akinori Iwamura
Tyler Colvin Mini A & G Back RC (+2)
Adrian Gonzalez This Day in History (+3--favorite player list)

Pack 3 (+7):
Lucy (Skeleton)
Wade Davis RC
Delmon Young
Kanekoa Teixeiria RC (+1)
Tyson Ross RC
Ricky Romero
Javier Vasquez Mini (+1)
Ken Griffey Jr. This Day in History (+5--favorite player!)

Packs 1-3: (28) Not a great start to the break, although it was nice to see that Topps got around to including Ken Griffey Jr. in the set this year. My first hit was a bit of a dud--even for Cubs' fans with the way that Aramis is playing this year. Let's hope a slow start doesn't doom me to a last place finish. More to come soon!

Total: 30

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