Monday, July 19, 2010

Gint-a-Cuffs II: Packs 13-15 (Second Hit)

Halfway through and a lot of work left to do. Will the next 12 packs trump the first 12 and put me in position to not finish in last? Read on and find out:

Pack 13 (+11):
Koji Uehara
Jay Bruce
Elvis Andrus
Edwin Jackson (strangest no-hitter ever?)
Colby Rasmus Framed Bat Relic (+8--I like Rasmus, so not bad)
Howie Kendrick Base Mini
Roy Hallady TDIH (+3--favorite player list)

Pack 14 (+6):
Hoard and Rory (Frisbee Dog)
Miguel Cabrera
Carl Crawford (+2)
Rick Porcello
Kendry Morales (+2)
Jered Weaver SP (+2)
Josh Beckett Regular Mini
Mark Teixeria TDIH (1-1=0)

Pack 15 (+4):
Matt Carson RC
Regis Philbin (I'm tellin you--this guy's bonkos!)
Michael Cuddyer
Mariano Rivera (-1--Yankee)
AJ Pierzynski (-1--douche)
Daric Barton SP (+2)
Tommy Hanson Black Border Mini (+3)
Brian McCann TDIH (+1)

Packs 13-15: (20) Not a bad showing for three packs although those darn Yankees are sure holding me down. I'm happy to crack 100 points and with one framed card left I might yet make some nice. The Rasmus is a nice card and bat slices are always welcome, although there seems to be quite a few more than in years past. Hopefully the last framed card and minis will be enough to help me finish out of the cellar.

Total: 113

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