Monday, November 29, 2010

Card of the Week: 2009 Topps Platinum Dwayne Bowe 3-Color Patch/Autograph #21/150

I actually pulled this from a blaster of Platinum last year but didn't post it because Dwayne Bowe was playing awful and I'm fairly lazy (at least when it comes to blogging). This season has been a completely different story as Dwayne Bowe has become a fantasy monster, scoring touchdowns in seven straight games including three against the Seahawks over the weekend. He's the major reason why my fantasy team (Vick's Vapor Rubs formerly known as Korn on the Kolb) has turned an 0-4 start into a 7-5 record and a shot at a first round bye in the make believe playoffs (depending on this weekend's outcome). The least I could do to thank Mr. Bowe for his contributions to my team is show off this great looking card:

Let's go Vick's Vapor Rubs!

Friday, November 26, 2010

A Rainbow of Griffeys on a Black Friday

Yes, I realize that this is two Fridays in a row that I've used color(s) in the title of my that a crime? Anyway, I recently finished a project I've been working on for close to a year--the 2008 UD Heroes Ken Griffey Jr. rainbow. It's the first rainbow I've completed (two more are in the works) and it's fitting that it would be of my favorite player. It looks great in person (you can get a better look at it by enlarging the picture) and I've got to give a big shout out to Ed at Roll out the Barrel who traded me the purple variation (I haven't seen a single one on eBay since) way back when. Thanks Ed! Now, marvel in beauty of a Griffey rainbow:

Friday, November 19, 2010

Bowman: A Colorful Cure for a Case of the Fridays

In an earlier post I said I wasn't going buy anymore 2010 Bowman Chrome but for just $8.99 those value packs are tough to say no to. I'm glad I caved--this one turned out pretty well:

Armando Rodriguez Green X-Fractor RC

Graham Stoneburner Green X-Fractor RC

Bryan Mitchell Purple Refractor RC #/899
Matt Davidson Green X-Fractor RC
Aroldis Chapman Purple Refractor #876/899

Thanks for the look! None of the cards are for trade right now.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

King Felix Captures the AL Cy Young Award

Two thousand and ten was an absolutely terrible year to be a Mariners fan (which was compounded by the loss of Dave Niehaus). Thankfully, we got to witness brilliance every fifth day when Felix Hernandez took the mound. Despite winning only 13 games (he was supported by one horrendous offense) he led the league in nearly every other statistical category and sabermetricians (different from the people who study Wolverine) everywhere can celebrate the voters getting it right. Congrats Felix! The King finally gets his crown.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Box Break: 2010 Topps Chrome Football (Super!)

I was looking to add an inexpensive box to the order for Brian and Bud's Box Busting Bonanza (stay tuned for the sequel sometime in the future) to get free shipping from Blowout and after some substantial hemming and hawing, decided on a box of 2010 Topps Chrome Football. I wasn't counting on much, but as it turned out, I pulled what will probably be a once in a lifetime hit. Here are the two cards worth mentioning:

Rob Gronkowski Rookie Auto: Though I didn't hit an auto from the scarce Group A I was still lucky enough to pull one of the better autos from Group B. Rob Gronkowski was the Patriots second round pick and had a monster game last night, hauling in three touchdown passes against the Pittsburgh Steelers. Not bad, but not nearly as a cool as...

Akwasi Owusu-Ansah SUPERFRACTOR Rookie: I thought I might go my entire collecting lifetime without ever pulling a superfractor, and that scared me (not really). Considering how difficult they are to pull, and how few products they are in, it was a very real possibility. But then, in the third pack of my second football box ever, I saw Akwasi Owusu-Ansah glaring at me from this gold-bordered beauty. The card looks amazing in person and is one of the few one-of-ones that lives up to the hype. I realize that Akwasi Owusu-Ansah isn't the most highly collected player out there, but it doesn't diminish the value of this card to me, and makes it easier to keep it in my personal collection indefinitely.

Note the numbering: 1 of 1!

Overall Thoughts: Well, anytime you pull a superfractor, I think you are legally obligated to give the box a thumbs up. 2010 Topps Chrome football definitely looks better than the baseball edition and at only $40 a box, it's not a bad gamble for a chance at a Bradford, Tebow or in this case, superfractor. Thanks to this box, I can cross another collecting goal of my list. Next up: a cut autograph!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Card of the Week: 2010 Topps Chrome Dexter "Run DMC" McCluster Rookie Autograph

I've busted a boatload of 2010 Topps Chrome Football retail this year and done awfully well. My top pulls include a Ndamukong Suh SP Variation (sold for $16), Sam Bradford X-Fractor (sold for $11) and a Dez Bryant Orange Refractor (sold for $7) in addition to a bevy of rookies and refractors (which will sell nicely as a lot). Sure I'm not making money, but anytime you can break close to even on retail is a victory, and I've got lots of nice cards for my PC to boot. Last week I grabbed a blaster and promised myself I would stop buying Chrome retail if I pulled an auto (like that would happen). Sure enough, I did, and a good one too. While Dexter McCluster is hurt right now, he flashed some exciting potential during his time on the field, and looks like a big part of the Chiefs turnaround. I was awfully happy with my Run DMC auto but it doesn't compare to what I pulled from my hobby box of Chrome--stay tuned for that!

2010 Topps Chrome Dexter McCluster Rookie Auto

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Brian and Bud's Box Busting Bonanza: Results!

I busted the two boxes of 2010 Topps Chrome for Brian and I today and was fairly pleased with the results. We received the promised number of autographs with two decent prospects (Wilson Ramos and Jon Jay) and a very tough to pull red refractor (1:370 packs). The cards were in pretty good shape, but the base cards had some centering issues and the some of the refractors had a strange thin powder coating on them. At only $35 a box, 2010 Topps Chrome isn't a bad gamble, although the autograph checklist is weak and colored refractors are hard to find. Still, I had a lot of fun busting the boxes, and I hope that the Killer B's (Brian and Bud) will reunite soon for some more box breaks.
Brian's Spoils:
--> Refractors (9): Wandy Rodriguez Red Refractor #21/25,
--> Inserts (3): Dustin Pedroia Heritage Chrome #/1961, Martin Prado Heritage Chrome #/1961, Pablo Sandoval t206 Chrome #/999
--> Autos (2): Wilson Ramos and Cole Gillespie


Pedroia Heritage Chrome, Kung Fu Panda t206, Martin Prado Heritage Chrome

Cole Gillespie RC Auto

Wilson Ramos RC Auto

Wandy Rodriguez Red Refractor #21/25

Bud's Spoils:
--> Refractors (8): Stephen Strasburg RC, Ken Griffey Jr., Jay Bruce, Brandon Webb, Rick Porcello, Adam Jones, Hiroki Kuroda, Akinori Iwamura
--> Inserts (3): Phil Hughes Chicle Refractor #/499, Hanley Ramirez t206 Chrome #/999, Wandy Rodriguez Heritage Refractor #/561
--> Autos (2): Jon Jay Refractor #/499 and Drew Butera

Base Refractors

Hughes Chicle, Hanley t206, Wandy Heritage Chrome
Drew Butera RC Auto

Jon Jay RC Refractor Auto #/499

Friday, November 5, 2010

Brian and Bud's Box Busting Bonanza: Coming Soon!

Monday! Monday! Monday! Brian from Play at the Plate and I will be splitting two boxes of 2010 Topps Chrome Baseball--stay tuned for results and possible video of the breaks. You don't wanna miss it!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Pack Attack: 2010 Bowman Chrome Valu-Pak

Against my better judgment I grabbed a value pack of 2010 Bowman Chrome (3 packs plus 3 green xfractors) and another lone pack for a look at the retail exclusive green xfractors. They look great, but the rest of the cards leave something to be desired. Out of four packs I didn't pull another refractor, even of a veteran, and the odds on this product are astronomical. With Stras-mania in a full-blown recession, this product is going to bottom out in a hurry. I think I'll stick to singles from here on out. Let me know if you see anything you like. Thanks!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Card of the Week: 2009 Bowman Sterling Alex White Cyan Printing Plate Auto #1/1

I had been trying to add a printing plate to my collection for quite some time but just never found the right player at a reasonable price until just a few weeks ago. I was thrilled to win this card for less than the cost of a blaster (why don't I spend more money on singles?) especially since Alex White looks like he might be in Cleveland as soon as 2011 (he went 10-10 with a 2.45 ERA in 2010 between Single and Double-A) and the card is autographed in addition to being a one-of-one. The printing plate is a lot lighter than I thought it would be considering it's made of metal. A very cool card and one that has a chance to take off if White makes a splash next season.



Thanks for the look!