Thursday, July 22, 2010

Gint-a-Cuffs II: Packs 22-24 (A Fine Finish)

The last three packs of the box turned out to be the most action packed (okay, well it was really only one pack, but bear with me) and it was a nice way to end what was otherwise a rather bland break. Here's the last of my entry:

Pack 22 (+20):
Wandy Rodriguez
Brandon Webb
Andy Pettite (-1)
Garrett Jones
Clayton Kershaw Black Border Mini (+5--headed to Night Owl)
Chris Coghlan Framed Auto (+15--great looking card)
Jay Bruce TDIH (+1)

Pack 23 (+7):
Robert Scott (+2--Negro Leagues)
Francisco Rodriguez
Jimmy Rollins
Ryan Zimmerman
Josh Beckett
Troy Glaus SP (+2)
Adam LaRoche Mini A & G Back (+2)
Aaron Hill TDIH (+1)

Pack 24 (+6):
Tyler Bradt (Kayaker)
Cameron Maybin
Brian Roberts
Justin Verlander
Carlos Zambrano (-1)
Jose Lopez (+1)
Monsters of the Mesozoic Dilophosaurus (+3--they should all be destroyed!)
Ryan Braun TDIH (+3--favorite player list)

Packs 22-24: (33) If only every pack averaged 11 points I might have a shot at the title, but alas this was not the case. I was happy to pull an auto from my box and Coghlan is a decent player with a nice signature, so no complaints there. I grew up wanting to be an archaeologist so I loved the dinosaur inserts, but the other minis this year leave a little something to be desired. Overall it was a decent break and I don't think I'll finish in last place (unlike my beloved Mariners) which is good enough for me. I plan on coming back next year with a vengeance, or at least without Aramis Ramirez relics...

Grand Total: 188 points (relic card scoring changes)


  1. would you like to trade that Chris Coghlan auto??

  2. Yes sir Wicked. I'll shoot you an email.