Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Gint-a-Cuffs II: Packs 16-18

Just like the Mariners, these packs don't deserve an introductory paragraph:

Pack 16 (+10):
Captain Nemo (I'm a fan of Jules Verne's works)
David Wright (+2--favorite player)
Joe Mauer (+2--favorite player)
Jair Jurrjens
Tommy Hanson
Chone Figgins SP (+3--favorite team, not player though)
National Animal Mini Gallic Rooster (+2)
Lance Berkman TDIH (+1)
Pack 17 (+5):
Geovany Soto
Alan Francis (horseshoe dude)
Rick Ankiel
Scott Baker
Jose Reyes
Scott Sizemore RC SP (+2--DOUBLE SCOTT HOT PACK!)
National Animals Mini English Bulldog (+2)
Chipper Jones TDIH (+1)

Pack 18 (+5):
Ben Zobrist (no points for third favorite player?)
Jules Verne
Mark Doucheface (-1--Yankee)
Ian Kinsler
Josh Hamilton
Alex Rios SP (+2)
Randy Winn SP Mini (+3-1=2)
Magglio Ordonez TDIH (+1)

Packs 16-18: (20) This box has been way more dud than stud, and with only six packs to go, things are looking pretty grim. There's one more hit to be unearthed but unless it's a Griffey printing plate, it's just not meant to be for me in my first round of Gint-a-Cuffs. Stayed tuned for the (exciting?) conclusion...

Total: 133 points

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