Saturday, July 10, 2010

Gint-a-Cuffs II: Packs 4-6 (Meh.....)

Can I turn things around after a slow start? Let's have a look see:

Pack 4 (+6):
Alexei Ramirez (part alien?)
Preston Pittman (turkey caller)
Erick Aybar
Eric Young Jr.
Adam Lind
Jonathan Sanchez Highlight Sketch (+3)
Chris Pettit A & G Back Rookie (+2)
Hideki Matsui TDIH (+1)

Pack 5 (+7):
Hubertus Wawra (flamer)
Brandon Allen RC
Chris Tillman
Carlos Beltran
Albert Pujols (no one picked Pujols as a favorite player?)
Hideki Matsui Highlight Sketch (+3-1=2...damn Yankees)
Homer World's Greatest Wordsmiths (+4...D'oh! I'm more of a Jules Verne kinda guy)
Miguel Cabrera TDIH (+1)

Pack 6 (+10):
Johannes Gutenberg (+1)
Adam LaRoche
Martin Prado
Kurt Suzuki
Jenrry Mejia RC
Michael Young (+2)
Hernando de Cortes Sailors of the Seven Seas (+4)
Jason Heyward TDIH (+3)

Packs 4-6: (23) Not a bad showing considering there weren't any hits involved, but I did already use up my two 1 per box minis (sailors and wordsmiths). Though the winner has long since been decided (thanks Beardy) maybe I won't have to finish in last place. Stay tuned!

Total: 53

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