Saturday, July 10, 2010

A Wild and Wacky Trade with Cards on Cards

I'm finally starting to get caught back up in the trade winds and one of my best trade partners of all-time, Cards on Cards, came through with another solid assortment of Griffey's and other goodies. Here's a gander at what Kerry sent my way:
1995 Leaf Limited Ken Griffey Jr: Did anyone else see that Ken Griffey Jr. Nike ad during the HR Derby? Nearly brought me to tears--and I only wish I was joking. Solid looking mid-90's card of the Kid in his prime. Goodbye baseball. Hello Cooperstown.

2007 UD First Edition Kevin Durant RC: With all the prima donnas in today's NBA (here's looking at you LeBron) it's refreshing to see a player like Kevin Durant who works hard and find's the spotlight for the right reasons. I was lucky to enough to see the Durantula play in the NCAA Tournament in Spokane and knew he would be a star--but never expected him to be so good so soon. Feel free to send any cards you pull of him my way.

2009 UD First Edition Ken Griffey Jr. Starquest: Yes it seems sacrilegious to see Griffey in a White Sox uniform, but I needed this card to fill out a page of the Kid playing for the North Siders. I still need one more, so a take a look on my Zistle page when I update it.

2007 Topps Finest Saer Sene RC Refractor Auto: I'm not quite sure what to make of this card. I was always a Sonics fan, and still feel drawn towards the Zombie Sonics, but Saer Sene isn't exactly a household name; in fact, he isn't even in the NBA anymore (shocker--a center drafted by Seattle that didn't pan out). Hopefully Kerry wasn't take a dig at me because his Trail Blazers are doing so good. Whatever the case, it's quite the unique collectible.

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  1. Kerry is a good trade partner. Nice Durant...even though I'm not a big fan, but I like the Texas look.