Monday, November 1, 2010

Card of the Week: 2009 Bowman Sterling Alex White Cyan Printing Plate Auto #1/1

I had been trying to add a printing plate to my collection for quite some time but just never found the right player at a reasonable price until just a few weeks ago. I was thrilled to win this card for less than the cost of a blaster (why don't I spend more money on singles?) especially since Alex White looks like he might be in Cleveland as soon as 2011 (he went 10-10 with a 2.45 ERA in 2010 between Single and Double-A) and the card is autographed in addition to being a one-of-one. The printing plate is a lot lighter than I thought it would be considering it's made of metal. A very cool card and one that has a chance to take off if White makes a splash next season.



Thanks for the look!

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