Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Card of the Week: 2010 eTopps Stephen Strasburg

After Stephen Strasburg's electrifying debut last night, it wasn't a difficult choice to select him for the card of the week, even if this card won't be in my possession for more than a few hours (with the prices these things are going for on eBay there was no way I could hang on to it). I only paid $7 for this card and even if my auction ends now I will have made a 400% profit.

This is the first and likely last eTopps card I've ever purchased. I've tried to buy a few cards there before only to get shut out, so I was happily surprised when I snagged a Strasburg. Hopefully I can use the profits from this to buy a nice Griffey, or maybe just a Bowman blaster for a chance at another Strasburg.

Card collecting is really cyclical, isn't it?


  1. Sooo cyclical. I sold some cards in an Ebay auction last week, made like $30. I now have $8 left, with $22 having gone to finishing sets, picking up a few PC cards, etc.

  2. Yowza, I only picked up 2 of the minor league etopps and I got lucky enough to get a Strasburg. Etopps lists it at aobut 43 but I think that the market is going to get flooded here like you said with his debut and probably drive the price down a little. But yeah for a 7 buck pick up to a 30 to 40 buck sell that's a no brainer. But who knows maybe this card will go through the roof later.