Saturday, December 5, 2009

Prize Package II from Play at the Plate

Another contest over at Play at the Plate and yet another great (or more accurately, lucky) guess netted me four packs of 1991 Topps Stadium Club plus some randoms of my favorite players and teams from Brian. The packs were a ton of fun to bust, vintage wax is always a treat, and they really live up to their billing with some great photography (they seem like prime candidates for TTM's). Here are my favorite cards from each pack:

Andrew Dawson: "The Hawk" on the fly between first and second.

Mark Whiten: Hard-Hittin' Mark Whiten was one of my favorite M's during his short stay in Seattle. I remember he hit a ball so hard it got stuck in an outfield wall. He also had four HR's and 12 RBI's in one game. That's a season for most Pirates players.

Cal Ripken Jr: The best player to pull in Series II packs, this was definitely a case hit (for 1991 at least). Love the old Baltimore orange, sure would make great jersey cards.

Sam Horn: Don't know much about him, but his sons sure do seem to be causing a ruckus these days.

As mentioned, Brian isn't content with just being generous. He's like Mother Teresa; he gives until it hurts. Here are my favorite Mariners that he also included in the prize pack:

2002 UD Originals Kaz Sazaki Jersey: Kaz and his splitter had a great run as Seattle's closer, finally bringing some stability to a Mariners' bullpen that always seemed to be in chaos. The front of this card features his 2000 UD Rookie Card whereas the backs of the 1991 Stadium Club featured the respective players rookie cards.

2001 SP Game Bat Ken Griffey Jr Trophy Room: A cool insert from a product I never busted, the sight of Griffey in Mariners' blue never fails to bring a smile to my face. And he's back for 2010! Hazaa!

Thanks for all the great cards and another fun contest Bryan!

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  1. I pulled a Ripken from my one pack used in the contest too! We got lucky for sure. Congrats on winning!