Monday, February 14, 2011

Triple Rainbow: 2009 BDPP Michael Saunders

Alright there's only one rainbow to show off today but this is my third in the past few months so deal with it. I've been working on this particular rainbow for about six months and had managed to track down everything except for the x-fractor, which with 199 copies, should not have been that difficult to find. I was worried that it might not even exist (a conspiracy no doubt!) Thankfully, someone on Blowout Cards pulled one from a box recently and was kind enough to sell it to me. The rainbow looks great in person and I am expecting big things from Michael Saunders in 2011. Thanks for looking!

They're always after me lucky charms!


  1. Just out of curiosity how did you come to be such a Michael Saunders fan?

    Nice collection, I'm always rooting for the Canadian kids :)

  2. No specific reason, I just liked that he was a Mariners' home grown prospect and seems down to earth.

    Hoping for big things from him this year!

  3. I'm a huge fan of both Griffey and Michael Saunders and am so jealous over this rainbow. i still need the orange gold and red but they i dont have the money to spare for them yet. hopefully soon. congrats. I would love to stay in touch with another big fan of Griffey and Saunders. If you would like e-mail me at