Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Card of the Week: 2001 Fleer Futures Ken Griffey Jr. Bases Loaded Game Used Base

With today's thrilling news that Ken Griffey Jr. is returning to Seattle for at least one more season, how could the card of the week not feature Junior? As a Mariners' fan I am ecstatic to have another go-round with the Kid, and equally excited that 2010 baseball card sets will have Griffey in them (earth to Allen & Ginter). I'm not sure how well he will perform in the field, but his presence in the clubhouse can't be overlooked, and he deserves to be with the M's as long as he wants to (he's like Bobby Bowden, except he doesn't seem like Bengay and Poligrip). Hopefully Seattle will surround him with some talent for one last shot at a World Series.

As for the card, this comes from 2001 Fleer Futures and features a piece of a base that was used in a game in which Griffey played (we think). I really like the design on this card, and that it's not just a smooth white piece of the base. Game-used base cards came and went in a hurry, and were mainly used by companies who couldn't gain access to jerseys or bats of players like Griffey, Jeter and Ichiro, due to their exclusive contracts with other manufacturers. This card brings me one step closer to collecting all the different types of Griffey memorabilia cards available, though I am still on the lookout for a piece of game-used fielding glove and hat. A great day for Mariners' fans, the Kids is back in town!


  1. I hope you get out to see him at a game or 2.

  2. I'm happy he's back, too. I hope hits a little better in 2010.