Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Trades From Around the Blogosphere

There's nothing better than coming back from a long weekend and finding a bevy of baseball card packages waiting for you. Here's a couple of trades I recently completed.

First up is a card from the Benevolent Beardy of Beardy's Baseball Blog. We worked out a deal a while ago and this card was the one that really made it for me--a 2009 Topps t206 Ichiro Old Mill Framed Relic. I now own three different Ichiro framed relics and each features a different colored swatch of Mariners uniform (white, blue, grey). Thanks for the great card Beardy!

Next up are some Ken Griffey Jr's (I realize that grammatically there should not be an apostrophe there but it looks funny without one so deal with it English majors) that I received from On-Card Autos. He put out a call for team collectors to send him Cubs in return for cards of their favorite team/players. I got some good Mariners from him, but of course my favorite cards were the Griffeys:

2007 UD Elements Ken Griffey Jr: This is the first card I've ever received from Elements and it looks pretty good in person. The background reminds me a bit of the old Black Diamond sets.

1990 Donruss 'Leaf' Ken Griffey Jr. MVP: I've always said that Griffey looks great in green and this card really bears that out. Sometimes modern cards don't seem so bad after all.

1998 Topps Chrome Ken Griffey Jr: A great early set of Topps Chrome is complimented nicely by Griffey's award winning swing. Can't top shiny Juniors--just can't.

Thanks for the trades! I will never tire of receiving Ken Griffey Jr cards in the mail.


  1. Are you getting close to 500 Griffeys yet?

  2. Yes sir. I'm around 450 right now. I'll blog about all the great Griffeys you sent me in the next coupla days.

  3. So you're just going to jack my weekly trade post title and then post a card that I sent you?

    The nerve!

  4. My mom always told me imitation was the sincerest form of flattery...but that's just because people cheated off my tests.