Thursday, February 18, 2010

My Topps Million Card Giveaway Cards (Part Deux)

I couldn't believe how hooked I was on the Million Card Giveaway after redeeming just a few codes. Perhaps if I had the same luck as Night Owl I might have just given up, but the few vintage cards I revealed left me wanting more. I've grabbed 12 packs of Topps over the past two days and I was fortunate enough to pull 5 redemption cards (really beating the odds). Here's the latest cards in the order they were redeemed:

1988 Topps Andy Allanson: The first true junk wax card I've got.

2009 Topps Matt Harrison: Is a year-old card better than junk wax?

1995 Topps Barry Larkin 'Star Power' Subset: At least Larkin was a star, but I guess you already knew that from this card.

1971 Topps World Series Champs #323: That's more like it! A sweet black bordered card celebrating the Orioles World Series victory in 1970. Very nice!

1972 Topps Cleo James: Another psychedelic tombstone!

!sppoT erom yub tsum, sppoT erom yub tsum, sppoT erom yub tsum, sppoT erom yub tsum, sppoT erom yub tsum!


  1. Bud, you're really defying the odds with so many vintage..nice!

  2. Hey, I haven't given up yet! Even a blind squirrel ...

  3. That Orioles card is cool!