Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Old School Breaks Group Break Bounty

I was lucky enough to participate in Old School Breaks' most recent group break that included eight hobby boxes from 2001-2004. For a very reasonable price I was able to nab all the Mariners and Reds from the boxes (in hopes of Griffeys of course) and came away with a great haul. The whole experience was quite fun as I felt like a kid on Christmas eve waiting for each box to be busted. Thanks for putting the break together John, I know it took a ton of work. Here's a gander at some of my favorite cards from the break:

2004 Donruss Studio Ichiro: I've always liked Studio and this is one of my favorite sets of the brand. The Seattle skyline looks great behind the skilled batsman simply known as "Ichiro".

2003 Studio Stars Ken Griffey Jr: Though it's difficult to tell from the scan this Griffey card is shaped like a driver's licence with the rounded corners. I'm planning on using this as my ID from now on; it should get me some great tables at restaurants--no more waiting with the common folk.

2002 Fleer Showcase Ichiro Avant Card: This might just be the coolest Ichiro card I've seen in a long time. Avant Cards were inserted one in 12 packs and feature a painting-like texture not unlike what would be seen a few years later in Playoff Portraits. A very nice addition to my ever growing Ichiro collection.

2002 Topps Gold Label Ken Griffey Jr: Topps Gold Label was one of those sets that I never opened much of, yet always enjoy when I get in a group break or a trade. The shine looks much better in person and I really like the photo of Junior they chose.

2003 Donruss Elite Randy Johnson Throwback Threads Game-Used Hat #72/250: This card alone made the break worthwhile for me. There have been very few hat cards produced and this particular one happens to feature one of my favorite Mariners. Best of all, the back of the card features the actual hat from which the swatches were taken, why don't card companies do that any more? I'm excited that Seattle is having the Big Unit throw out the first pitch in 2010, hopefully they can talk him out of retirement.

Thanks again for a fun group break John! Let me know if/when you're planning on having another and let me know what team/players you collect so I can send you a proper thank you.


  1. Wow....i really like those Ichiros.

  2. Hey Bud. I'm glad you enjoyed the package! Thanks for posting this also. Not everyone has confirmed to me that they received their cards.