Saturday, February 6, 2010

Collective Troll Delivers Some Kids (A Plethora of New Ken Griffey Jr's That Is!)

With all the Ken Griffey Jr. cards currently in my collection (450+) it's not always easy for me to find Juniors that I don't already have doubles or triples of (or in the case of his 1990 Topps card...42nds of). Thankfully, the world's most prolific pack buster (I'm fairly confident he has some blisters from all the 1990's wax he has been opening), the Collective Troll, came to my rescue, sending 37 new Ken Griffey Jr. cards my way in a recent trade package. And as if the Griffeys weren't enough (they were), Troll also threw in some sweet M's including Russell Branyan and Felix Hernandez. Here's a gander at some of my favorites:

1993 Upper Deck SP Ken Griffey Jr.: One of the top five Griffey base cards of all-time (I'll release the full list sometime soon), this sweet card from Upper Deck's inagural set of SP shows off the Kid's mad hops. I'm not sure if anyone kept track of how many homeruns he robbed in his career, but I think it's somewhere in the 1,000's.

2000 Fleer Tradition Ken Griffey Jr: At first glance I thought I already had this card, but it turns out I had the "Twizzlers" edition and this was from the regular Fleer Set. This is a really good looking card.

1999 Upper Deck HoloGrFX SAMPLE: I don't even want to know what Troll had to do for Upper Deck to get this rare sample card, but I'm glad he did it.

2009 Topps Heritage Russell Branyan Chrome Refractor #448/560: Though Russell "the Muscle" Branyan is likely out of Seattle, he made the most of his time there with bunches of moonshot homeruns that might still be in the air. Topps Heritage Chrome and Chrome Refractors are one of my favorite inserts of the decade.
2009 Bowman Chrome Felix Hernandez X-Fractor #45/250: The shine off King Felix's crown is so bright I can hardly look at this card. Oh wait, that's Topps' patent pending refractor bad!

2008 Sweet Spot Felix Hernandez Sweet Spot Jersey: Pieces of King Felix's jersey have become much more scarce since he slimmed down and much more valuable since he finally became the dominant pitcher we all expected. I'm so happy he's staying in Seattle.

Thanks for the amazing cards Troll!


  1. No prob Bud, I cant believe that I found Griffey cards you needed... Good luck on hitting 500!

  2. Every package from the Troll is full of surprises. I've got one scheduled to post in a couple of hours that was amazing.