Thursday, March 10, 2011

Card of the Week: 2002 Bowman Toby Hall Future's Game MVP Game-Used Base Autograph

I didn't envision a day when I would feature Toby Hall as the card of the week, but I also didn't imagine I would find a Toby Hall card quite as cool as this one, for as cheap as I got it ($3 including shipping). The card features an on-card autograph of Hall (who I always had a soft spot for because he's from Washington) and a multi-colored swatch for a base used in the 2001 Future's Game (of which Hall was the MVP). I couldn't find a picture of the base used in the game, so I don't know exactly where the swatch comes from, but there is something cool about avoiding the dreaded white swatch. Cards like this make me miss the days when manufacturers put more game-used items in cards than just jerseys. Hopefully, they will once again return to those halcyon days. Thanks for looking!

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