Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Card of the Week: 2008 Topps Heritage Ben Zobrist Chrome Refractor #49/559

I'll admit it. I'm a sucker for a good story, and Tampa Bay's Ben Zobrist is just that. A relatively unknown player coming into the season, Zobrist shocked the baseball world by making the All-Star team in his first season as a full-time player. The one-time utility player took over at second base when Akinori Iwamura went down with an injury and hasn't looked back since. The sweet swinging switch hitter is currently sitting on a line of .289-19 HR-60 RBI-14 SB-.405 OBP and is a major reason why my fantasy baseball team is still in contention after the loss of Jose Reyes (may he and the Mets rest in peace). Still only 28, Zobrist should have many productive seasons ahead of him and will likely be one of my biggest collecting targets moving forward. He's fun to watch, can play anywhere on the field and seems like a genuinely nice guy. What's not to like?

The card itself is a real beauty. I have been a fan of Topps Heritage since its inception in 2001 and the set continues to please set-collectors and old-school fans alike. This particular Zobrist comes from the Topps Heritage Update set and is based on the classic design of 1959 Topps. I love the retro design of these cards, but I also like that Topps incorporates elements of current cards. Most people would think that adding modern technology to a timeless treasure like '59 Topps would screw it up, but au contraire mon frere! This chrome-refractory piece of Zobrist goodness would attract crows from miles away, but otherwise doesn't deviate away from the look and feel of a 50-year-old set. It's the best of today combined with a piece of baseball card history...and it just so happens to be my new favorite Ben Zobrist.

Comments? Concerns? Questions? What do you think of Topps Heritage Chrome and Chrome Refractors? Love 'em of hate 'em? Is Zobrist the greatest thing since chocolate oranges?


  1. Hi, I picked up on your site through Night Owl.Welcome to the world of blogs.I don't know of too many Seattle fans.Maybe I could get rid of some excess Mariners cards for some Tribe cards!

  2. Great blog!!! Keep up the great work! Marlins fan here!!! Will add you to my blogroll.... And i love to trade!