Tuesday, May 25, 2010

My New All-Time Favorite Non-Sports Card

I'm not the type of person who gets caught up in the hype of Hollyweird (my subscription to People was a gift--thank you very much) but there is one actress who always captures my attention and never fails to leave me speechless: Scarlett Johannson.

It's not so much the fact that she's a great actor (she's okay). It's more the fact that she is the most attractive creature on earth. I mean seriously, look at her. God must have spent a little more time on you...

Alright, back to the crux of the matter. I was thrilled to find out she was going to be in Iron Man 2 (worth seeing, but not as good as the first) and even more excited to find out that she would be prominently featured in the Upper Deck card set. It didn't take long for me to track down and purchase an authentic Scarlett Johannson movie-worn memorabilia card of her catsuit used to play the "Black Widow".

Is it a little weird? I guess, but no more weird than collecting pieces of a grown man's work attire. Until next time, feel free to oogle Scarlett.


  1. Wow...seeing her card versus the Brees card really put things in perspective. I am collecting the wrong stuff!

    That said, I will continue to do so. But Mrs. Scarlett is a babe, I agree.

    And nice N'SYNC reference lol.

  2. Wanting one of those makes me feel dirty...lol!

  3. If you would ever trade it, Please let me know... Sweet Card