Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A Few Goodies from the Local Card Shop

I didn't realize until recently that there was a card shop around where I lived, although it doesn't carry any wax, just singles and supplies. Still, it was nice to browse through some cards that weren't mine (I've seen them a few thousand times) and I found some nice cards in a 25 cent box. I'll probably head back there sometime again to find cards for trades (haven't done that in a while). Here's what I got yesterday for a quarter a pop:

2008 Topps Heritage Stan Musial Flashbacks: I'm not a Cardinals fan but I've always felt myself drawn to Stan "the Man" Musial. Someday I like to get an autograph of him; you know, when I have money and all.
2006 Upper Deck Special FX Albert Pujols Player Highlights: Not even a Cubs' fan could say no to a shiny Pujols for a quarter. Come to think of it, shiny Pujols sounds kind of dirty--I'll try to avoid that word combination moving forward.

2006 Fleer Josh Johnson RC: Josh Johnson was the anchor of my fantasy team's pitching staff last year and thus gained a special place in my heart. The kid's got a bright future.

2006 Topps Chrome Ben Zobrist RC #173/599: I thought this was just a base chrome rookie of Zorilla but when I flipped it over I saw the serial number and realized that it must have been one of the box topper rookies. I'll never complain about paying a quarter for a nice rookie of my favorite Ray, even though he's not quite playing like himself yet. But hey, it could be worse. He could be playing for the Mariners...

Well, nothing too exciting but I think I picked up some nice cards for the price of a gumball. It's nice to know someone else likes baseball cards where I live; I feel so alone sometimes. Thanks for looking and have a stellar weekend!

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  1. Thanks a lot Bud. I spewed water all over my keyboard when I read about your shiny Pujols.

    Too funny.