Friday, April 9, 2010

Box Break: 2008 UD Heroes (Case Hit)

I opened this box about a month ago, but for reasons outside of my control (i.e. death of a computer), have been unable to share the results of my break until now. I got a good deal on this box during a Blowout Cards weekend special and was happy with what I pulled, especially considering that there are quite a few duds in the autograph checklist (I'm looking at you Tom Gorzelanny). It's a fun box to open with an insert in almost every pack and a bevy of serial numbered parallels. Here's the goods:

Al Kaline Sky Blue Parallel #32/49: You're guaranteed one "low" numbered parallel in each box and I was glad mine was of a Hall-of-Famer. Love the old-school crew cut.

Randy Johnson Yankee Stadium Legacy Jersey: You might have wondered why there was no exclamation point after the "case hit" part of the title of this post. Well, this card is why. Don't get me wrong, I love the Big Unit, but they're are quite a few other players from this set I would rather have (or at least a pinstripe). It's up for trade if any of you Bronx Bombers want it.

Andre Ethier Jersey #179/200: The design of the jersey cards is one of my few qualms with the set. I'm tired of companies being too lazy to design a separate concept for game-used cards, and instead just throwing the swatch onto one of the base cards. Panini/Donruss has a terrible habit of this. At least Ethier is a good player.

Cole Hamels Jersey #73/200: Another ho-hum jersey, this one would have benefited greatly from a nice red pinstripe. Phillies fans are hoping that Hamels bounces back from a poor 2009 season, though truthfully I could care less.

Chad Billingsley Jersey Auto #20/50: Well, here's the hit of the box, and quite a nice one it is if I do say so myself. The auto is on a sticker but you can barely tell as it blends into the card well. Billingsley has flashed enormous potential during his time with the Dodgers but has yet to put it all together. Once CB does, he has the chance to be one of the best in the NL. Same story as last time; not sure if I want to trade this card, but if I do, it will be to Night Owl.

Overall Thoughts: This is a great box to bust if the price is right with three guaranteed jerseys and a guaranteed autograph. With tons of inserts there is rarely a dull pack (other than those with YSL cards) and with UD now out of baseball, collectors will find this as a nice alternative to Topps' pedestrian 2010 releases. Loved opening the box and was satisfied with my pulls. Send me an email if you are interested in any of the cards. Thanks for reading.


  1. Ack! Crazy Dodger box! How come I never bust one of those??!!!!

    Interested in both if you ever want to trade.

  2. I thought of you while I was opening this box Night Owl. It was kind of like the Masterpieces Mariners/Griffey box you opened a while ago. The Ethier is yours, though it might take some cajoling to get the Billingsley from me (i.e. a nice Griffey). I'll keep them safe for ya.

  3. How much was the box? I've always been hesitant to buy something just for the "hits", but those cards are always so nice.

  4. I got the box for $55 on special which I thought was a fair price. It's tough to find them that cheap (normally $65-75) but definitely worth it if you can find one.

  5. You know...

    Yankee Stadium Legacy...should feature swatches that, you know...come from Yankee Stadium.

    Just sayin'.

  6. I always liked those cards. Nice hits!