Thursday, January 7, 2010

Trade with Tim of GSNHOF---Fame

I recently posted a few cards as trade bait and Tim put in an offer for a Jake Peavy red refractor numbered to 25. He said he had some Griffeys to send my way and I was happy to take them off his hands. All told I got 9-10 new Griffeys, which isn't easy at this point, and Tim was also nice enough to throw in some Edgars for my brother and some random cards from some of my favorite sets. Here are my favorite Griffeys from the trade:

1995 Pinnacle Zenith: This is the first card I've ever seen from this set, and despite the fact that it makes it look like Junior has no ears, I like it. The back was kind enough to inform me that Griffey had three hits to the left infield off righties in 1994, so there's that.

1993 Bicycle Playing Card: This is a great picture of The Kid about to send a ball into the stratosphere, although I am quite troubled that Junior is only a "4" in this deck of cards.

2000 Pacific: This card is very bittersweet. I mean just look at the pain and longing in Griffey's eyes. It's clear that he loves Seattle but his heart aches for his family on the other side of the country in Cincinnati. He's torn about what to do, and knows that whatever decision he makes, he will hurt those who love him most. Don't worry Ken, I've already forgiven you.

Thanks for the great Griffeys Tim! They are always welcome here!

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