Saturday, January 9, 2010

The Long and Winding Road: A Trade with Beardy

After weeks of wheeling and dealing (mainly due to the fact that I never return emails, sorry) I finally managed to pull off a trade with one of the blogosphere's most respected members, Beardy of Beardy's Baseball Blog. He showed some interest in Cal Ripken and Willy McCovey jerseys that I had posted as tradebait and after I put him through a Scott Boras-esque negotiation we were able to strike a deal. He sent me the following Mariners plus a card to be named later (likely an Ichiro T206 jersey):

2009 Topps Chrome Felix Hernandez Blue Refractor #47/199: I love the color-bordered refractors from this year's Topps Chrome set, and the blue variation looks phenomenal when paired with a Mariner. My Felix collection has grown by leaps and bounds since I started this blog; now I just hope he doesn't leave Seattle in the next year or two.

2003 Finest Travis Blackley RC Auto: The left-handed Blackley used to be the number three pitcher in the Mariners organization behind Felix and Clint Nageotte (who?) before shoulder issues led to his release from the team. I remember him struggling in a brief cup of coffee with Seattle, but always assumed that he would be a fixture in the organization because he had such strong numbers in the minors. Apparently he was with the Diamondbacks Triple-A club last season but is a free agent as of now. I'm always intrigued by talented prospects like Blackley who just disappear into thin air.

2009 Finest Ken Griffey Jr. Blue Refractor #338/399: If I've said it once, I've said it a hundred times; there is no better way to my heart than a shiny Griffey. Love the design and refractor sheen on this card despite the fact that it lists Junior with the White Sox even though he is clearly pictured in Mariners' uni. Puzzlin' the things Topps does, but it won't ruin this great card for me.

Thanks for the cards Beardy. Hopefully the package I sent you made it safely to Maryland. I'm sure we will swap again. Good luck Ravens!

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  1. You're cards got here today. Thanks for the bonus O's! I've got a few Mariners cards that sohuld be arriving in the next few days, so you can pick a winner for yourself.