Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Pack Attack: 2010 Topps Retail (x3)

Well, I had hoped to break the initial Topps 2010 cards to the blogosphere, but living on the West Coast and working until 10 PM made that a wee bit difficult. I still grabbed a few packs at Target on my way home. Here's what I got:

Pack 1: Max Scherzer, Kevin Youkilis, Anthony Swarzak, Josh Butler RC, Andrew Bailey ROY, Brewers Franchise History, Rickey Henderson (The Cards Your Mom Threw Out), Bill Mazeroski (Tales of the Game), Tim Lincecum TT, Yunel Escobar, Mat Gamel, Magglio Ordonez

Pack 2: Jonathan Papelbon, Neftali Feliz, Adam LaRoche, Nate Schierholtz, Daniel Hudson RC, Ernie Banks (TCYMTO), Vladimir Guerrero TT, Edwin Encarnacion, Jayson Nix, John Lannan, Diamondbacks Franchise History

Pack 3: Adrian Beltre, Jon Niese, Bobby Jenks, Tommy Manzella RC, Michael Dunn RC, Justin Upton, Vladimir Guerrero (Peak Performers), David Wright (Red Back Insert), Joe Mauer TT, Andrew Bailey, Andruw Jones, Zach Duke

Adrian Beltre Base Card

Joe Mauer Topps Town

David Wright Target Exclusive Red Back

Bill Mazeroski Tales of the Game

Intial Thoughts: The design looks better than I initially thought it would, but it is no match for last year's brilliant base set. The inserts, though easily obtainable, are boring and really bland (besides the David Wright). I realize that everyone doesn't like shine, but these cards are just retreads of ideas that have been done a million times and don't really stand out. The ToppsTown are still an inconvenience but they are improved over 2009. I might not be the best judge of this set because I usually don't collect the flagship releases of companies. Perhaps it's because where I live is landlocked and I would have no use for a flagship. Don't think I will be buying too many more packs, though I would happily take Mariners from the set.

What are your initial reactions to 2010 Topps?


  1. I think over all the carda are pretty good, I think topps could have put the logo in place of the gigantic team name. And the topps town are pretty good this year. The one thing Topps did right last year was make them collectable with players on them. The intial Topps Town from 2008 was terrible with just a code and logo.

  2. That Beltre card looks straight out of like 1994.

  3. This year's design is weak.

    Somehow me gets the feeling that Topps is just going to "mail it in" now that they've got that exclusive license. Just look at the last few releases of '09, and the AWFUL Nat'l Chicle previews.

  4. Hmmm...I like the inserts. Unfortunately the insert I like the most is a Target exclusive. I don't have a Target near me.

    I guess the base does look like a specialty set from a decade ago. I am undecided on how I feel about it.

  5. I'd love to work out a trade for the Rickey Henderson if you're interested. I found some packs at my Target today, but alas didn't pull one of my own