Thursday, September 30, 2010

Oh By Gosh, By Golly, Collie!

Did I feel incredibly lame while writing that title? Of course, but my hand(s) was (were) really tied in this instance (not another pun!) I was perusing Mojo and Beardy's Blog for the Ages a few weeks ago and saw some cards Mojo pulled over the summer that caught my eye. I sent him an email and we we're quickly able to work out a deal that benefited both sides (I sent him a 2009 Bowman Draft A.J. Pollock RC Refractor Auto). Mojo's got a great collection and is easy to deal with--I was so impressed with our trade that I give Mojo my full endorsement (ala Fred McGriff and Tom Emanski). Here's what he sent me:

2009 Bowman Chrome Austin Collie RC Auto: As a fantasy football veteran (though not necessarily a successful one) I realize the inherent value in Colts wide receivers. Despite sharing the field with Reggie Wayne, Dallas Clark and Anthony Gonzalez, Collie posts big numbers nearly every week and is in the very early conversation for MVP (27 receptions, 359 yards and 4 touchdowns through three games). Boy's got some serious skillz.

Thanks Mojo!

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