Sunday, March 21, 2010

Box Break: 2008 Upper Deck Masterpieces (Hobby)

This is the second of three boxes that I treated myself to for a recent birthday last week (I'll try and post the results from the third box later this week). Just a warning: since I turned 23, a number made famous by Michael Jordan, I have no choice but to be an arrogant, insufferable prick for the next 12 months. I apologize in advance. As I've mentioned numerous times before, I love UD Masterpieces. Even though there are only 12 packs in each box, it's still a very enjoyable break, with plenty of framed parallels and two "hits" per box and a shot at some beautiful patch autos. Enough with the jibba-jabba, let's see what I pulled:

Brandon Webb Brown Framed Parallel #54/100: Well, I guess it could have been Luke Hochevar. Hopefully Webb bounces back from injury because he is certainly a talented hurler when healthy.

Jack Morris Red Framed Parallel: This card commemorates Morris' gritty performance in one of the best playoff games ever: Game 7 of the 1991 World Series. Morris pitched 10 innings (!) to slay the Atlanta Braves and bring another championship to the Twins in his only season in Minnesota.

Ken Griffey Jr. Black Framed Parallel: I don't know if there is a better feeling than pulling a great looking card of your favorite player. I would love to track down a red-bordered version of this card; Night Owl already sent me the brown-bordered variety. The other black borders in the box were Manny Ramirez, David Ortiz and Mark Teixeria (need any Beardy?)

Garrett Atkins Captured on Canvas Jersey: Well the good news is that it's not another white jersey swatch. The bad news is that it's Garrett Atkins. At least it's a well designed card.

Matt Kemp Stroke of Genius Autograph: Cool! These on-card autos are simply stunning and I was thrilled to pull one of an up-and-coming star like Matt "I am actually dating Rihanna" Kemp. I don't think I want to trade this, but if I do, you've got first dibs Night Owl. My 2007 Masterpieces box yielded a Ryan Zimmerman auto, so I've definitely done well with autographs from these sets. This card really saved the box from being an utter disaster.

I also got a few more SP's towards the base set, though I will probably need help completing it (look for a needs list sometime in the future). If you haven't busted a box of 2008 Masterpieces...what are you waiting for?! Check the weekend special on Blowout Cards, you can usually get this box for just over $30.


  1. Oh, you want to trade it.

    I'll have to dig up something to convince you.

  2. I hereby vote you into the Hall of Fame for being 23 and accept your arrogance and prickiness without question. Nice pull on the auto...and the Griffey. I would love to bust some of that stuff.