Thursday, March 11, 2010

Box Break: 2008 UD Masterpieces (Retail)

With my birthday coming up on Friday (there's no need to send presents, but if you feel so inclined, I wouldn't say no to them) I treated my self to a trio of boxes from a Blowout Cards weekend special. The first box was 2008 UD Masterpieces Retail, which contained 24 packs and 4 cards per pack. I had wanted to put the set together for a while and with 96 cards in the box I had a decent shot at completing the base set (I ended up 6 cards short; I'll post my needs at a later date) plus pulling a few framed parallels and a jersey or autograph. Here's what I got:

Steve Carlton Black Border

Eric Chavez Black Border

Pedro Martinez Blue Border #20/125

Vladimir Guerrero Captured on Canvas Jersey

Overall Thoughts: While it wasn't a great box in terms of hits, I was able to complete most of the base set and I pulled a few SP's if I decide to pursue the full set. The cards themselves are absolutely beautiful and the framed parallels are some the best looking cards of the decade (yeah, I went there). It was a fun box to open and I really wish UD had put out a set of Masterpieces last year. If you are interested in any of the cards pictured, drop me a line and we'll work out a deal. Stay tuned for two more box breaks in the coming days!


  1. Happy B-Day ! I'll watch for your want list.Mine is posted on my blog.Maybe we can meet in the middle and help each other !