Saturday, November 7, 2009

Spoils of the Spoiled: 2007 Ultimate Collection

I just received my cards yesterday from the group break of 2007 Ultimate Collection over at Saints of the Cheap Seats, and I have got to say, they are some darn good looking cards. I was pretty fortunate with my break to pull an autograph and a patch from a product I couldn't otherwise afford. The whole experience was equal parts nerve wracking and fun, and I hope to join another one soon. Thanks again to Dan at SotCS for putting the whole thing together, I'm sure it took a substantial amount of work. Now, let's get to the goodies:

Matt Cain "America's Pastime" Autograph: This is a beautiful card of one of the game's rising pitching stars. Believe it or not, Cain is actually younger than teammate Tim Lincecum, and as of now, has not been caught with any "grass" on/in his uniform/car. While the autograph is on a sticker, the card is well designed around it, something I wish would be done with all sticker autos.

Jim Thome "America's Pastime" Game-Used Patch #30/50: In the words of that incredibly annoying guy from those Pizza Hut commercials, JACKPOT! I don't have many patch cards in my collection so I was thrilled to pull one of a future Hall-of-Famer. Thome has always been a class act, and is one of a few sluggers from this era that I consider to be legitimate. Although he is featured in his White Sox uniform, it looks like the swatch comes from a Cleveland Indians uniform. Regardless, this is one sweet card and certainly made the group break experience a winning one for me.

As much as I like both of these cards, I don't love them, and would be thrilled if they found a happy home. I will entertain trade offers for both cards, just send me an email to and we will try and work out a swap. Thanks again to Dan for putting this together, it was a blast.


  1. nice cards!! Can't wait to get mines!!!

  2. incredibly annoying guy = Jim Breuer. Awesome in his Half Bakd days.

  3. Nice hits Bud. I just got my mail from the last few days and found a package with your addy on it...can't wait to open it.