Sunday, November 29, 2009

Pack Attack: 2009 Topps Mayo (Hot Pack)

I don't often stray from buying baseball cards (though this post and the last one don't bear that out), but when I saw some 2009 Topps Mayo Football singles selling on Ebay, I knew I had to grab a few packs. After all, the base cards are absolutely stunning and they feature the same framed relics that make Allen & Ginter such a hit. Topps Mayo is basically the A & G of football (except for the sticker autos), and who in the collecting world doesn't love Allen & Ginter?

I already bought a few loose packs of Mayo at Target and had some pretty good luck (a Steve Smith jersey and a Vince Young Harvard back #2/25), but I couldn't believe what happened when I picked up a "fat pack" for $4.99. I turned over the pack to take a look at the odds and was amazed when a big red H was staring back at me through the pack. That's right, a Harvard back numbered to 25 (odds 1 in 80 packs) was clearly right inside the fat pack. So, like any good collector, I raced to the nearest cash register, paid for it, and sprinted out to my car to open it up. As I ripped the pack open I was utterly amazed when not one but two, red Harvard back cards fell out, a B.J. Raji RC #10/25 and a Fred Taylor #9/25! Wow, if my simple math skills serve me correctly, the odds of pulling two Harvard backs in one pack are 1 in 6400! Granted these cards don't sell as well as their Bazooka back counterparts from A & G, but I was thrilled nonetheless. As a Packers fan the Raji RC was a great pull and Fred Taylor is a borderline Hall-of-Fame running back. Two awesome cards numbered to 25 from the same 5-dollar pack...I'll take that any day of the week.

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