Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Box Break: 2003 Flair Hobby (Reds Hot)

I bought this box about a month ago with my Gint-a-Cuffs entry and after seeing the results from that break, it's not hard to believe that this one was slightly better. Despite the fact that 2003 Flair is nearly devoid of anything other than "hits" it's a fun and affordable break that I would highly recommend. Here's the loot:
Mike Piazza Diamond Cuts Jersey: This is the second Mike Piazza jersey card I've pulled from a box of Flair, and yes, it still looks like he's smelling a fart in the picture. I used to like Piazza in the late-90's before he returned a TTM request with a bent card. Never again Mike, never again.

Pat Burrell Diamond Cuts Jersey: Is there any player who is more just there than Pat Burrell. He's not bad, he's not good and no one seems to care much about him either way. Would a Phillies fan even want this card? Let me know...

Adam Dunn/Austin Kearns Dual Power Tools Bat #175/200: I wish a Reds' fan had purchased this box, especially for this hit and the next one in line. I've always like Adam Dunn, and he's incredibly consistent, but Austin Kearns doesn't do much for me (especially since he's with the Yankees now). Not a bad card though; bat slices are always nice.

Austin Kearns Wave of the Future Patch #8/100: Alright, I just mentioned that I don't much care for Austin Kearns, but I do really like this card. This beauty is only the second patch card I've ever pulled from a pack and it looks great in person. I would prefer to keep it, but if a Reds' fan would rather have it, shoot me an email.

Vladimir Guerrero Jumbo Sweet Swatch Jersey #44/46: The curse is broken! Alright, it wasn't really a curse, but both the previous boxes of Flair I opened contained Pedro Martinez jumbo jersey swatches numbered to 10,000. Although I was hoping for a jumbo patch, a low numbered card of one of the game's best sluggers (and the Mariners' most hated rivals) isn't a bad consolation prize.

Overall Thoughts:
Cheap. Fun. Action packed. End o' story.

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