Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Box Break: 2008 UD Masterpieces (Nice Hits)

Another box break Bud?!? I know I've been on a wax busting spree lately (which won't likely end with the imminent release of A & G) but I've also had a good run of luck, and every knows you've got to play the hot hand. Besides, I didn't even buy this box, it was given to me by my thoughtful and beautiful girlfriend for our anniversary. She's very supportive of my habit and will even open packs with me on occasion. She picked out a winner with this box too--here's the goods:

Rod Carew Red Framed Parallel: I was really hoping to pull a red framed parallel of Ken Griffey Jr, but with 120 cards in the set, the odds were against me. So, even though I didn't get the Kid, I was more than happy to pull a card of a Hall of Famer and not say, Luke Hochevar (no offense Royals' fans).
Victor Martinez Navy Framed Parallel #30/125: This is the second time I've pulled a numbered Victor Martinez card from a box of Masterpieces. I guess there are worse players to pull, but he's not exactly on my most wanted list. Anyone collect Victor?

Joe Mauer Captured on Canvas Jersey: That's more like it! I'm always happy to pull a jersey card of one of my favorite players and it's even better when it's from one of my favorite sets. Although you can't see it in the scan this card features a small seam on the right of the swatch (eBay one of one?). This card is staying put in the personal collection for a long time.

Hanley Ramirez Strokes of Genius Autograph: With so many duds in the autograph checklist I didn't go into the box with high expectations, so I was certainly surprised to walk away with an on-card autograph of one of the game's best young players (even if he doesn't hustle). That makes it three-for-three for me with good autos out of Masterpieces (Ryan Zimmerman, Matt Kemp and now Hanley Ramirez) so this probably won't be my last box.

Overall Thoughts: This box finished the regular 1-90 base set and added a few of the SP's to the overall set (I'll post my needs soon). I was happy with my hits and definitely beat the odds with the Hanley auto. A great box and a great girlfriend. Who could ask for more?


  1. I can see the seam on the Mauer. Nice box Bud!

  2. Hey Bud, would you trade that Hanley or the Ryan Zimmerman??