Thursday, December 10, 2009

Card of the Week: 2003 Upper Deck Ultimate Collection Ken Griffey Jr. Jersey Patch #93/99

The first game-used patch in my Ken Griffey Jr. collection, this beauty comes from 2003 Upper Deck Ultimate Collection and features a nice three-color swatch. In my opinion, '03 Ultimate Collection has some of the best memorabilia card designs of the decade, with large swatches and a clean format that accentuates the game-used jersey or patch. This three-color patch likely comes from Griffey's nameplate or possibly the Reds logo but looks great either way and is numbered just #93/99. One of the centerpieces of my Griffey collection, I hope to be able to add a Mariners patch card to display alongside this someday, but they aren't cheap or easy to find. I'll keep you updated as the hunt to collect every piece of Junior's memorabilia continues...