Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Card of the Week: 2007 Topps Frank Thomas Trading Places Game-Used Bat

Never in my 22 years of life on planet Earth had I ever pulled a single game-used or autograph from the flagship set of Topps. This was despite the fact that I had been purchasing a large number of packs and boxes over the past 7-8 years; but that all changed when lightning struck outside of Wally World late last week. I know that Topps doesn't have the best odds for pulling "hits", but even a blind squirrel finds a nut occasionally, and I was quite surprised that it took this long for me to finally bring home the bacon...but it was worth the wait as you will soon see.

As a rule of thumb I try to steer clear or re-pack boxes, because even though you get 16 packs for $20, you're really just throwing your money away. There are generally a few good packs and then a load of junk wax or $0.99 Topps, and this box was no different. I usually open the crap packs first and convince myself that the premium packs hold something good (they don't), so I started this box off by opening a 2007 Topps Series 2 pack that contained just 6 cards (half of a normal Topps pack). The odds of pulling anything from these packs are exteremely difficult, and ipso facto, the odds of pulling a relic are just plain stupid. Yet, that's exactly what happened. After moving aside the first card in the pack I was greeted with the sight of a Frank Thomas Trading Places Game-Used Bat: odds....1:6,081!! I really hit the jackpot on this one; my first Topps relic and it's a bat-sliver from the "Big Hurt" who clubbed 521 HRs in his HOF career! I think the best part of this card was the fact that it was so unexpected...a six-card Topps pack in a re-pack box, who woulda thunk?


  1. I've pulled relics out of repacks, but, yeah, like you say: 1 in 6,081.

  2. Nice pull. I think Big Frank is generally under- appreciated.

  3. Agreed. Despite his enormous girth, Thomas has never been linked to steroids and actually testified in regards to the Mitchell Report voluntarily. The guy could flat out hit and had one of the best batting eyes of his generation, end of story.